A single line of code in your app that will allow you to understand your customers' behaviors and leverage them.

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Identify your real competition, understand your customers' lifestyles, and their preferences.

Contextual Profiler goes beyond the ordinary. By integrating our cutting-edge technology into your application, you'll gain access to valuable information and competitive intelligence. This will enable you to align your offerings with customer preferences and enhance your business.

What will you be able to do with our platform?

Personalized Marketing Strategies

Create campaigns tailored to each user group to maximize impact and increase your conversion rate by more than 35%.

Competitive Analysis and Market Positioning

Understand your customers' relationship with your competition and achieve a prominent position in the market.

Customer Segmentation for Enhanced Targeting

Segment your audience into specific groups to send more effective and personalized messages.

Customer Retention Strategies

Monitor your Churn in real time and develop tactics to keep your customers satisfied and loyal.

Increase Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities

Identify opportunities to increase sales with complementary offers and improve your current results by 25%.

Budget Optimization for Marketing and Communication

Cut costs, generate savings, and maximize efficiency in your marketing and communication strategies.

Turn your data into value. We use machine learning to transform data into 'value' and 'knowledge.'

Our SaaS platform is designed to assist in making data-informed decisions, providing clarity and confidence for successful outcomes.

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We provide tools that enable businesses to leverage their own transactional data for superior results and extraordinary customer engagement.

Stop losing competitiveness in an ever-changing ecosystem.

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ipad with contextual profiler dashboard preview

Segment your customers for an enhanced approach

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Receive insights for product development

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Enhance User Experience

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Monetize your data.

Our code is plug & play for your Android app. The integration effort takes just minutes and you get intelligence from your customers in less than 48 hours.

Market Research
Customer Retention
Strategic Alliances
Product development
Advertising alliances
New agreements
Advertising campaigns

We have a flexible and scalable architecture designed for quick implementation and agile integration with existing systems.


Infrastructure and security preferences tailoredto the needs of each institution.


Customizable APIs and widgets in real time.

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Where can Contextual Profiler
be used?

Our technological integration with mobile applications has a versatile and transformative scope, compatible with different organizations (financial institutions and banks) helping them to optimize operations, improve customer experiences and make data-based decisions.