Fivvy for Banks

Harness the power of Open Banking and AI to improve the engagement and increase sales.

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Unlocking the Power of Data for Personalization and Profitability

We help banks supercharge their revenue and customer engagement using sophisticated data analytics and machine learning.

Our platform

Turns everyday banking interactions into personalized experiences that customers love, boosting engagement.

We empower banks

With real-time data insights that improve decision-making and strategy planning. Leading to more effective cross-selling and upselling.

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Let's join forces to keep your bank on the leading edge, delighting customers, and maximizing revenue.

With Fivvy, not only do banks stay competitive, but they also see a significant boost in customer satisfaction and profitability.


Our results


in client engagement


in preferability


improvement in cross-selling and up-selling campaigns


new account opening

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With Fivvy, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales is an efficient, data-driven process.

At the heart of Fivvy's solution are two key features: Personalization Engine and Next Best Action Engine.

Personalization Engine

Integrates seamlessly into your existing online banking website or app, infusing it with tailored digital experiences that resonate with each individual customer. We believe banking should be personal and enjoyable, not just a series of routine transactions.

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Next Best Action Engine

Allows you to identify sales opportunities that are personalized, timely, and context-specific for each customer. We leverage real-time data analytics to help you understand your customers' needs better, ensuring you offer them exactly what they're looking for at just the right moment.

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With these tools at your disposal, you can foster stronger relationships with your customers while significantly improving your bottom line.

We are a BaaS solution that offers
personalized experiences for your customers.


Value for Money: We offer top-notch service at competitive prices. Get more, for less.


Rapid Setup: Our platform is designed for swift, seamless integration. No prolonged waiting periods.


Proven Success: We've made our mark in the USA's open banking ecosystem, with thousands of satisfied users as testament to our effectiveness. Trust in our track record.


We provide tools that enable Financial Institutions (as well as wallets and payment processors) to leverage their own transactional data for superior results and extraordinary customer engagement.

Stop losing competitiveness in an ever-changing ecosystem.

With Fivvy, you will:


Deliver personalized experiences that differentiate your financial institution from the competition.


Increase customer loyalty.


Monetize your data.