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Personalized Placement and Customer Relationship Opportunities.

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Revolutionize the sales process and customer relationship.

Maximize revenue, competitiveness and loyalty.

Fivvy is capable of transforming a bank into a profitable Fintech armed by its customers in just three months, at a fraction of the cost of other BaaS solutions.

We integrate transactional and contextual data with machine learning models to generate personalized sales opportunities and relationships.

Never offer a product or an offer that is not relevant again. Never make a call that frustrates your customers.

Enrich transaction data for accurate cross-selling guidance

Quickly understand the customer and their financial needs.

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Consumption Capacity

Based on spending behavior and available balance.

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To offer loans, investments, insurance, or credits.

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Reporting on expenditures and frequency. Includes services and subscriptions.

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Regarding credit utilization and financial behavior.

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Intuitive and quick for the identification of opportunities.

Identify real-time opportunities

Advise on investments
Offer personal loans
Credit card sales
Offer an insurance product
Sell credit cards

Incorporating personalized products

Types of frequent transactions
Identify the most popular brands
Specific promotions
Recurring expenses
Savings opportunities

We have a flexible and scalable architecture designed for rapid implementation and agile integration with existing systems.

Infrastructure and security preferences according to each institution's needs.
Real-time customizable APIs and widgets.

Revolutionize your customers experience and maximize your sales potential with Fivvy!

Offer products and promotions specifically tailored to each customer in real-time.

We develop AI-based data enrichment models that identify, categorize, and gather transactional data.

We provide valuable information to understand your customers' unique preferences and behavior patterns.


Optimize your profitability

Comprehensively understand your customer portfolio, driving revenue-generating actions, product development, and improvements in service to your users. All delivered on an intuitive, unique, and accessible platform, from the retail team to the call center, from the CEO if desired to the call center practitioner. Have full access control.

Personalized real-time analysis

Track customer behavior in real-time and adjust your marketing strategies as needed. Our interface facilitates navigation and customization of your data enrichment strategies, ensuring you always provide the best possible experience for your staff.


Revolutionize financial management with AI-powered PFM

Real-time information applying predictive data analysis models, forecasting users possible scenarios.

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Financial position

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Achieve the automation you've always dreamed of, transform the data you already have into behavior patterns and insights that generate foolproof sales and communication actions with your customers.

With our real-time user tracking opportunities, you can analyze customer behavior and preferences, enabling you to quickly adjust your marketing strategies and capitalize on emerging trends.

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Use a back-office to analyze user behavior and detect their new needs.

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Product alternatives that match your customers needs and reinforce your business strategies.

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Understand customer behavior through AI-based suggestion models to drive sales actions.